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Negligent Security

Haggard Law Firm attorneys have litigated more than 175 cases involving the failure to provide adequate security resulting in the victim suffering severe injuries and/or death.


Establishments such as bars, restaurants, flea markets, shopping centers, nursing homes, banks, hotels and apartment buildings have all been subjects of successfully litigated negligent security claims. By representing individuals permanently injured in cases stemming from negligent security, we believe that we are taking an active role in making the community safe for the public.

Premises Liability

Serious injuries and even death often result from negligently designed or maintained premises and unsafe environments. When an owner of a property or business invites a member of the public onto his/her premises, as a guest or patron, the owner has a responsibility to keep the premise safe for use. We believe that we are taking an active role in making the community safe for the public.

Pool Drowning Accidents

Drowning is the leading cause of death for young children in Florida and many other states. Thousands of children have died or suffered serious brain damage because of defective pool gates and fences, defective pumps and defective drains in pools.


While we have represented families in cases dealing with various safety lapses, the issue of ill-maintained pool gates and fences are a particular concern to us, because so many children drown here in South Florida every year.

Aircraft Disasters

The haggard law firm, p.A., Ranks among the foremost firms practicing aviation law in the southeastern united states.


Members of our firm have represented more than 750 crash victims and their families in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, including many significant air tragedies in recent history: the 1972 Eastern Airlines crash in the Florida Everglades, the 1982 Pan American crash in New Orleans, the 1982 Air Florida crash in Washington, D.C., the 1995 American Airlines crash in Cali, Colombia, the 1996 ValuJet crash in Miami, and on behalf of the Ecuadorian government, the 1996 cargo plane crash in Manta, Ecuador.


Automobile Accidents

Our firm has also successfully litigated and settled hundreds of claims involving all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including: pedestrian/auto; bicycle/auto accidents; multiple car crashes and crashes resulting from the defendant being distracted while using a cell phone.

Liquor / Bar Liability

The field of liquor liability is of increasing interest and importance in our community. Florida’s “dram shop” statute is the state’s response to the ever-increasing problem of minors and alcoholics who seriously injure themselves or others while intoxicated.


Still, Florida’s statute is one of the nation’s most restrictive for plaintiffs, particularly in a tourist-friendly state. Florida law provides that if establishments such as hotels, restaurants or bars knowingly serve minors or habitual abusers of alcohol, they may become liable for any injuries or damage resulting from that patron’s intoxication.


Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence or “malpractice” occurs when a physician or healthcare provider falls below the standard of care and either fails to do something that should have been done or does something that should not have been done with a resulting injury or death.


Doctors and other healthcare providers must follow certain standards when caring for patients. While a simple mistake is not enough to constitute negligence, a death or injury caused by the failure to provide reasonably appropriate or common standards of care or the failure to diagnose an easily detectable illness may be malpractice.

Personal Injury

The Haggard Law Firm has devoted a large percentage of its practice to the handling of virtually every type of general personal injury and tort situation. From hazardous construction sites to dangerously designed stairways, scuba diving accidents, dog bites and false arrest cases, the firm has addressed almost every conceivable dangerous condition.

The firm also handles every type of motor vehicle accident case. Our successfully litigated claims include boating mishaps, pedestrian/auto and bicycle/auto accidents, multiple car crashes and dangerously designed roads.

Product Liability

Products liability litigation represents consumers’ first line of defense against injuries caused by defective products. Tens and thousands of Americans are injured each year as a result of negligently designed or defectively manufactured products.


We at The Haggard Law Firm have always been committed to representing innocent victims involved in product-related accidents. We have represented clients injured by products such as pool pumps, defective tires, football helmets, shoulder pads, beverage bottles, food products and orthopedic bone implants.

Wrongful Death

Our firm has successfully handled a wide variety of negligence cases dealing in the wrongful death of another person. We have handled wrongful death cases within the united state and abroad.