CNN: Carbon monoxide at hotel pool suspected in death

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CNN: Carbon monoxide at hotel pool suspected in death


Details of incident as reported by CNN

13-year-old died and 14 other people were sent to the hospital after guests of a Michigan hotel were found unconscious beside an indoor pool.

CNN reports that emergency service personnel believe carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of the tragedy at Quality Inn & Suites Hotel in Niles Michigan. The teenager was ‘confirmed dead on arrival” to a local hospital. Eight other children were taken to a local hospital. Oner child, who police said had just left the pool area, was found unresponsive in a first-floor room. Five first responders were also treated and released.

‘This is another preventable tragedy caused by the negligence of a business not considering all possibilities” says premises and product liability attorney Michael Haggard of The Haggard Law Firm. He adds “Carbon monoxide is a silent, but deadly gas.  Hotels across this country are required to have carbon monoxide alarms and detection systems that should easily recognize this level of carbon monoxide in this tragic case. ” The Associated Press reports that police say a high level of carbon monoxide was detected in the pool area — more than 800 parts per million — and lower levels were found in other parts of the hotel.


The Haggard Law Firm has developed a national and international niche representing people injured or killed as a result of dangerous swimming pool conditions.  In January 2003, Haggard delivered a $100 million verdict in the case of a toddler who nearly drowned in her apartment complex pool because she gained access to the pool area through a broken pool gate (Hinton v. 2331 Adams Street Corp).In August 2003, the firm made history again by attaining a $104 million verdict in a case where a boy got trapped underwater by the suction of a defective and unsafe pool pump (Peterson v. Sta-Rite).  Learn more in Notable Cases

“When discussing an indoor pool area, you have such machinery like pumps that usually are in an outside environment.  When contained as we often see with generators and other items, the levels of poisonous gas can escalate as was the case at this Michigan hotel” adds Haggard.  “It is unreasonable to not have carbon monoxide alarms and detections systems in an enclosed pool environment.”

At least 500 people are killed from carbon monoxide poisoning a year. A detector can range anywhere between $20 and $65.

Haggard adds the tragedy is an unfortunate time to make sure you know the signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning headache, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness, collapse and loss of consciousness.

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