St. Patrick’s Day Events, Safety and Security

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St. Patrick’s Day Events, Safety and Security

On holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, bars and restaurants expecting large crowds should prepare for it with more than just an increase in service staff, food and alcohol. Those good times expected by the patrons can turn tragic if  increased safety and security measures by these businesses are not taken. From who they allow to enter their business, to who is allowed to stay, and an awareness when someone has been over served, a security and safety plan should be in place.

The Haggard Law Firm’s Managing Partner Michael Haggard says there is nothing more enjoyable than a big event or block party where a community can celebrate a holiday like St Patrick’s Day or New Years Eve.  However, the bars, shopping centers or establishments hosting these “events” have to plan for security just as they plan the event.  More people, more alcohol and more utilized space bring additional risks that can prove catastrophic in today’s sometime violent world.  Security needs must be planned, scheduled and executed in order to meet these additional risks associated with these bigger events.”


The Haggard Law Firm has litigated several Liquor/Bar Liability or ‘Dram Shop’ cases where the business owners/management neglected to take the necessary steps to keep their patrons safe.

Two Haggard Law Firm case examples:

$1.3 million – Settlement (Pensacola, Florida) – Liquor/Bar Liability
Mr. Marshall and Ms. Robinson were out for a birthday celebration. After drinking for several hours at both the Red Baron Lounge and Gene’s Lounge, both persons were asked to leave after a verbal altercation and proceeded to drive off in Ms. Robinson’s car. No effort was made by Gene’s Lounge to call a cab or make any alternate transportation arrangement. Ms. Robinson proceeded to drive off the roadway and strike a tree, partially ejecting Mr. Marshall, and leaving him a quadriplegic with both legs amputated. He was also rendered completely blind after encountering corrective surgery complications. Both Gene’s Lounge and Red Baron Lounge knew of Ms. Robinson’s alcoholism, but purposefully continued to serve her alcohol with disregard to the possible consequences of their actions. The case was settled for total policy limits.
$500,000 – Settlement (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) – Liquor/Bar Liability
Sherry Ann Trosper was habitually addicted to alcohol based on the parameters of Florida’s “dram shop” statutes. At 3:00 AM Sherry Ann Trosper, totally intoxicated, left Gaby’s Lounge and in attempting to walk across a multi-lane street, was struck by a vehicle suffering permanent injuries. Gaby’s Lounge knew or should have known that the quantity of alcohol served to Sherry Ann Trosper would render her intoxicated and incapacitated, and purposefully served her this quantity of alcohol. Gaby’s Lounge either intended to get her intoxicated, or did so with reckless disregard and conscious indifference to the consequences, so as to be the equivalent of intentional misconduct.

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