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Final Seats Available for Premises Liability Seminar

Tomorrow the Haggard Law Firm will host a Premises Liability Seminar. As of this post, there are only 5 seats remaining.

This interactive and highly demonstrative FREE half-day legal seminar will show attorneys the latest trends and cutting edge strategies involved in litigating various premises liability cases.  Case genres will include negligent security, drowning and entrapment and road construction accidents. Attendees will also hear from a leading Jury Consultant on Jury Selection.

This is a CLE Credit Seminar. Please RSVP with Susie Acosta, or call 305.446.5700


Agenda Released for Premises Liability Seminar

The agenda has been released for the April 27th Premises Liability Seminar hosted by The Haggard Law Firm.
This interactive and highly demonstrative FREE half-day legal seminar will show attorneys the latest trends and cutting edge strategies involved in litigating various premises liability cases.  Case
genres will include negligent security, drowning and entrapment and road construction accidents. Attendees will also hear from a leading Jury Consultant on Jury Selection.
This is a CLE Credit Seminar. Space is limited. Please RSVP with Susie Acosta, or call 305.446.5700

A Message from Michael Haggard ‘Kidney Casino For a Cure’

A Message from Michael Haggard

A lot has changed in a year!!!  As most of you know, I have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and have been diagnosed since my early 30’s.  It always came as a surprise to someone when I told them I had a genetic, life-threatening and incurable disease because I was fortunate and did not suffer debilitating effects.  My only symptom was inevitable and total renal failure!!!  So a couple of years ago, I went on the over 100,000 person national kidney waiting list…..I had no chance of getting a kidney before going on dialysis!

Due to God’s grace, my prayers were answered and my brother-in-law, Major Allen Buckhalt (US Army Blackhawk Pilot and Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran) was a match!!  Exactly six months ago today, Allen saved my life with the gift of life.  I am 100% back to normal and my kidney function is better than most people…..It is a miracle and really should not be because living donation should be much more common!!  In fact, Allen is not only back to 100%, but unfortunately, he is so healthy, the army is deploying him again to Kuwait in August.  He is my hero and should be yours on so many levels!!!


That brings us to this year’s 7TH ANNUAL PKD KIDNEY CASINO FOR A CURE!!!!  This is going to be the best event ever!!!  This year our event will be held on May 5, 2016, from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.  This year will be a Cinco de Mayo celebration in celebration of not only my successful transplant but several other special guests who have been given the GIFT OF LIFE!!!!   We are back at the Coral Gables Museum, once again taking over the beautiful Loggia and Terrace spaces. It is going to be a great celebration and fundraiser for a Cure for PKD!!
Bekki and I have funded several PKD research grants over the years, but with your help over the past decade, we have raised an additional $400,000 which has funded multiple PKD research projects!!!  We will find a cure for PKD in my lifetime!!!  I have been given a Second Chance at Life and I will not waste it……I know you will help us with our goal.  Many of you have donated in the past and we desperately need your help again!!!  Please do what you did last year or if you possibly can—-DO EVEN MORE!!!  We want all of you to come to the event, but if you cannot please look at the sponsorship levels and consider being there in spirit with us!!!


As most of you also know the curse of this disease is also the blessing!!  It is genetic…….Both Maddie and Carson each have a 50% chance of inheriting this disease……and as you can imagine that “haunts” me each night!  But even if you told me tomorrow Maddie and Carson were in the clear, we would never stop fighting this fight.  All you have to do is see the devastating effects of PKD on families.  I have lost my maternal grandmother, uncle, and mother to this disease and I intend on beating it out of existence!  Because it is genetic we have made advances that have never been accomplished in other disease research—-because we can isolate the Gene!!!!


This year’s event will also center around Living Donation!!!  While we will find a cure at some point soon, each person with PKD that has gone too far down the road deserves a healthy life via kidney transplant.  Bekki and I have funded a Living Donor Coordinator position at Tampa General Hospital where I had my kidney transplant operation.  We intend on spreading the word and increasing living donations throughout this Country!!!  Please help us with your attendance at the event and thru financial donations to make this a reality!!!


I cannot thank each of you enough for your past support and hope that you will continue to support our efforts this year. If you cannot join us on Friday, May, 5, you can still donate to our cause. NO donation is too small. Checks should be made payable to the PKD Foundation and can be mailed directly to The Haggard Law Firm, 330 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134.  ATTN: Susie Acosta.  The attached document also allows you to RSVP, sponsor a table, purchase tickets or donate directly to the PKD Foundation.  The Kidney Casino Night is live on the PKD Foundation’s website so you can RSVP and register online using a credit card!!



Thanks again and I really hope to see you on Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Much Appreciation,

Michael A. Haggard

The Haggard Law Firm

Haggard Law Receives Award During Crime Victims’ Event

We are very proud to share that The Haggard Law Firm was awarded the “Justice For All” Award during today’s National Crime Victims’ Awareness Luncheon in Coral Gables. The event was hosted by  the City of Coral Gables, the Coral Gables Police Department, and the National Crime Victims’ Rights Event Committee.

CNN: Carbon monoxide at hotel pool suspected in death


Details of incident as reported by CNN

13-year-old died and 14 other people were sent to the hospital after guests of a Michigan hotel were found unconscious beside an indoor pool.

CNN reports that emergency service personnel believe carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of the tragedy at Quality Inn & Suites Hotel in Niles Michigan. The teenager was ‘confirmed dead on arrival” to a local hospital. Eight other children were taken to a local hospital. Oner child, who police said had just left the pool area, was found unresponsive in a first-floor room. Five first responders were also treated and released.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

The Haggard Law Firm proudly supports National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 2nd-8th). This year’s theme of  ‘Strength. Resilience. Justice.’ reflects a vision for the future in which all victims are strengthened by the response they receive, organizations are resilient in response to challenges, and communities are able to seek collective justice and healing.

ABC Miami Coverage of Rob Stewart Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Haggard Law Firm has the honor to represent the family of conservationist and award-winning filmmaker Rob Stewart in an effort to seek justice in his death. We hope the wrongful death lawsuit against several parties responsible will help send a message to bad operating dive instructors, boat captains, and dive equipment sales and manufacturing outlets out there to follow the rules and standards or close your business.





Media Confernece Announcing Lawsuit in Wrongful Death

MEDIA CONFERENCE: Documentary Filmmaker Rob Stewart’s Death was a ‘Preventable Tragedy,’ Family Filing Lawsuit Tuesday


Family Set To Speak During Media Conference Tuesday Morning


Coral Gables, Florida – The family of Canadian conservationist and documentary film producer Rob Stewart, whose body was found off the coast of Islamorada on February 3, is filing a lawsuit against several businesses and people involved in his fatal dive. The Stewart family hopes the legal action will push out and/or change the ways of all irresponsibly operating diving businesses and help keep attention on Stewart’s mission of ocean conservation. The family is set to speak at a media conference, to be held Tuesday, March 28 at 10:45 AM at The Haggard Law Firm, 330 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134.


Among the defendants in the case is the company Add Helium, which is owned by Peter Sotis, who is also named in the lawsuit. The Ft. Lauderdale-based company was in charge of the dive and sold the equipment utilized by the divers. Sotis has a checkered past. He is a convicted felon, is under investigation for utilizing unapproved Chinese air tanks as detailed in a Miami Herald article (click to read Herald article), and has been accused of selling military-grade scuba equipment to a Libyan militant.

Andy Haggard: Mercer Law Day Keynote Speaker


Last Friday Haggard Law Firm Senior Partner William Andrew Haggard was the Keynote Speaker at the Mercer Law School’s Law Day Celebration. Haggard was also one of the judges for the School’s Hugh Lawson Moot Court Competition which features first-year students and helps expose competitors to moot court practice and procedure before trying out for Mercer’s Nationally recognized Moot Court team.

‘Andy’ Haggard received his J.D. from Mercer Law in 1967. He is a current member of the Mercer University Board of Trustees. To learn more about Mr. Haggard click here to read his bio

The Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law is one of the oldest law schools in the country. The Woodruff Curriculum, Mercer Law School’s model curriculum, focuses on ethics and practical skills. It was honored with the Gambrell Professionalism Award from the American Bar Association for its “depth and excellence” and “obvious commitment to professionalism.”

For more information on the Law Day event Click here: