Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Tis the season for the holiday shopping surge. Unfortunately with the increased traffic experienced by most stores, malls and gas stations comes a rise in crime at those commercial properties. While some malls take responsible steps to increase security measures, too many businesses are negligent in providing the adequate security needed to protect you and your family from harm.

The Haggard Law Firm has litigated hundreds of negligent security & premises liability cases. It’s with that vast experience of investigating what security measures some business owners or property managers fail to do that we bring you  Holiday Shopping Safety Tips.

7 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

  1. Find Good Lighting.- make sure you park in a well-lit area. The lighting makes the bad guys feel more exposed and less likely to try and commit a crime. For holidays travelers hitting the roads, make sure you don’t choose a poorly lit gas station.  (click to watch Gas Station Safety Video)
  2. Stay Alert – when in crowded places, try to take the time to be aware of who is around you and don’t overload yourself with packages. It limits your visibility and draws the attention of a potential attacker.The holiday season is notorious for “con-artists” who may attempt to distract you with the intention of stealing.
  3. Safety in Numbers – whenever possible, shop with friends or family, especially if you are with your children. It takes a village to keep you and your family safe.
  4. Child Safety – keep a close eye on your kids at all times and talk to them about speaking to a store employee or security guard if something happens where you become separated. Give your child a phone number that they can carry  in case they do become lost.
  5. Hide the Valuables – Don’t leave anything that can be considered valuable in your car without hiding it. Cell phones, Ipads, purses, clothing, or your shopping bags are the kind of bait that hooks a burglarize. Put these items in the trunk or cover them up. This will decrease the likelihood of a car break-in.
  6. Carry Your Keys – When you are walking to your car, have your car keys in had. This will help you get into your car faster and give you immediate access to a panic button if one is available to you.
  7.  Don’t Wait Around. Get to your car, lock the doors, buckle up and go. Poorly secured, under lit parking lots are one of the most common locations where our clients are injured or killed when attacked by someone searching for an victim in a commercial business setting.



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