Observant Neighbors Lead to Trafficking Arrests

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Observant Neighbors Lead to Trafficking Arrests

Three women have been charged in a human trafficking investigation. The arrests, made in Miami Beach Friday, were the result of local residents’ suspicions that illegal activity was taking place at several massage parlors.

According to reports from the Miami Herald, the seven-month sting by Miami Beach Police detectives led to the closing of four massage parlors and the rescuing of two women who had been trafficked in from China to provide money for sex.

The Haggard Law Firm’s Michael Haggard recently discussed human trafficking in this video (click here to watch).  Haggard points out that business and property owners and managers have a responsibility to remain vigilant about this growing type of crime.

It was the vigilance of a few neighbors that ultimately saved two more victims of human (sex) trafficking in south Florida.  To read the full story on the arrests in the Miami Herald, click here

If you are a victim or know a victim if human trafficking or suspect the crime may be taking place, please call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center 1 (888) 373-7888


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