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Products liability litigation represents consumers’ first line of defense against injuries caused by defective products. Tens and thousands of Americans are injured each year as a result of negligently designed or defectively manufactured products.


The Haggard Law Firm has always been committed to representing innocent victims involved in product-related accidents. We have represented clients injured by pool pumps, defective tires, football helmets, shoulder pads, beverage bottles, food products and orthopedic bone implants.


Products liability litigation deters businesses and corporations from putting dangerous products into consumers’ hands. In many ways, such litigation works better than government regulatory and study groups to quickly remove dangerous products from the marketplace, and compel redesign in compliance with stricter safety standards.

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We focus on creating a safer consumer environment by protecting the public’s right to use and encounter products designed and made in conformity with strict standards and in fighting to obtain tougher standards when the defective nature of a product becomes known.

Notable Product Liability Cases


$104 Million – Verdict (North Miami, Florida) -Product Liability / Pool Pump Entrapment

A teenage boy was trapped underwater by the suction of a pool pump and nearly drowned. The jury found that product defects in the P2R single- horse-power suction pump, manufactured and distributed by Sta-Rite Industries, Inc, was responsible for the accident causing the victim to suffer irreversible brain damage. It was found that the pump was unsafe and that Sta-Rite Industries made no effort to change its design to make it less dangerous or to warn distributors about risks it created for swimmers. The $104 million verdict is the largest single personal injury jury verdict awarded in Florida’s history.


$5.3 Million – Verdict (Miami, Florida)– Product Liability

Action against football helmet manufacturer for injuries sustained by a 16-year-old high school football player during game. Plaintiff was left a quadriplegic.

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