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Security Professionals To Learn From Haggard Law Attorneys

The more than 22,000 security professionals from around the world attending this year’s American Society For Industrial Security (ASIS) Conference will have three opportunities to learn how to avoid finding themselves on the wrong end of a negligent security lawsuit.

The Haggard Law Firm’s Michael Haggard and Todd Michaels are leading three different seminars/presentations during the 4-day conference in Las Vegas.

On Monday, September 24th, Haggard and Michaels will present “The Nightmare that Won’t End: A Negligent Security Mock Trial.

Tuesday, September 25th, Haggard will lead the seminar “Security Protocols and Procedures: Tips on How to Avoid Losses in the Courtroom.” Later that day Haggard joins Michaels in presenting “Top 10 Tips to Prevent a Negligent Security Lawsuit on Your Property.” The ASIS conference is the largest gathering of security professionals in the world.

ASIS/GSX International was founded in 1955 as a global community of security professionals and practitioners. It attracts members from almost every industry in the private and public sectors. The security conference is expected to address the comprehensive and diverse nature of modern security while creating an integrated experience for security professionals that will help them understand and alter the industry landscape where necessary.

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VIDEO: Michael Haggard discusses how negligent security civil action can spark change to help improve safety in most areas of society.



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