Understand Survivors and the Catastrophically Injured

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Understand Survivors and the Catastrophically Injured

Today’s issue of the Daily Business Review¬†includes a Board of Contributors article authored by The Haggard law Firm‘s Jason Brenner. The article,¬†Understanding Your Client: Survivors and the Catastrophically Injured,¬†discusses the challenges to successfully representing and emotionally supporting during the civil litigation process the tragically injured or loved ones of someone who has died.

Brenner writes: “Representing clients in their wrongful death or personal injury case requires the attorney to take on many roles. The event that brought you together with these people is one that has completely shaken them to their core. As the attorney, compassion and understanding are an absolute necessity in your representation.”

The Haggard Law Firm’s staff prides itself on its ability to best care for our clients who find themselves in long-term recovery emotional, financial and physical recovery due to a life changing catastrophic incident.


To read the entire Daily Business Review article, click here


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