$12 Million Verdict in wrongful death negligent security – Yaimi Guevara Machado case

This media coverage followed a $12 million verdict earned in the case of Yaimi Guevara Machado who was murdered at a Hialeah Florida budget motel.

Haggard Law Firm Wrongful Death Lawsuit – Rob Stewart Case

The Haggard Law Firm has the honor to represent the family of conservationist and award-winning filmmaker Rob Stewart in an effort to seek justice in his death. We hope the wrongful death lawsuit against several parties will help send a message to dive instructors, boat captains, and dive equipment sales and manufacturing outlets out there that don’t follow the rules to change or close your business.

Eureka Gardens Lawsuits Press Conference in Jacksonville

Every major media outlet in Jacksonville covered a press conference where The Haggard Law Firm’s Doug McCarron discussed the four cases against the multiple parties responsible for the safety and security of the residents and guests of the Eureka Gardens apartments.

$5.7 Million Settlement in Gas Station Negligent Security Case

Snell Press Conference Coverage

Haggard Law and the $5 Million Settlement in Miami Beach Tourist

Najem Adlan, along with Altman and Brenner, focused their message on warning the public about the dangers faced in establishments that do not have properly trained security staff. “I hope nobody, nobody is in this situation” Adlan told the media as he held back tears.

Westchase Apartments Settlement Ft. Myers

While the criminal courts could not bring the family of 23-year-old Zhi Wei Huang family some relief after their son was murdered in 2012, The Haggard Law Firm could. Huang was delivering food to the Westchase Apartments in Ft. Myers when he was gunned down by two juveniles. The owners of the complex recently agreed to pay the family $3,250,000 in a case brought by attorneys Christopher Marlowe and Doug McCarron.

Coverage of $1.7 Jury Verdict in Haggard Law Case vs Regal Cinemas

A Miami-Dade County jury has awarded Haggard Law client Maria Navas $1.7 million for the permanent injury she suffered when she was trampled by theater goers frantically trying to escape an altercation in a Miami Beach theater 11 days after the mass shooting at a movie theater in Colorado.
Jason Brenner and Douglas McCarron of the Haggard Law Firm argued that the trampling incident was preventable, especially in light of the sensitivity every American had to movie theater security at that time. The stampede of patrons was the result of an argument between two men in the theater. Brenner and McCarron argued the theater staff did nothing to diffuse the argument or remove the patrons.

Haggard Law Featured on WJXT Jacksonville RE: Negligent Security

Our Jason Brenner was interviewed last night by WJXT4 The Local Station / News4JAX about the negligent security case we brought on behalf of the Cornelio family against the owners of the very same property where 7 people were shot earlier this week

Haggard Law Jamal Martin case (Miami premises liability)

The Haggard Law Firm’s Pedro Echarte was interviewed by Miami news media about a premises liability case we have brought on behalf of the family of 25-year-old Jamal Martin, who seek justice from the owners of the apartment complex where Martin was murdered.

Coverage Florida Sex Offender Rental Notification Act Introduction

Area network TV covering the introduction of the proposed Florida Sex Offender Rental Notification Act which aims to close a loophole in the Florida Law that does not require residential property owners to alert tenants that a sexual offender is an employee. The initial draft of the proposed bill was written by Attorney Christopher Marlowe, The Haggard Law Firm.

Haggard Law clients whose children were sexually assaulted

The Haggard Law Firm helps families take legal action after property manager sexually assaults young boys in Miami-Dade.